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Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings

June 8, 2014

I needed background noise for drawing and decided to rewatch some movie I already knew well enough that it wouldn’t be too distracting. But by chance I ended up watching a Tinker Bell movie instead, and despite not having seen it before it still wasn’t distracting at all because it was so boring that there was little reason to pay attention to it.


Anyway, the story is about Tinker Bell the fairy who notices that her wings start to glow when she enters the winter area of the fairy realm. Despite the laws strictly forbidding warm fairies and winter fairies from crossing the border and hanging out with each other Tinker Bell goes to the winter area anyway in order to find out what made her wings glow. There she discovers that she has a winter fairy twin sister called Periwinkle, and the new-found sisters are excited to spend time with each other. But unsurprisingly things go wrong when Tinker Bell despite the rules invites Periwinkle to see her home.

Pics from Disney Screencaps. Review contains spoilers.