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Sofia the First : the Floating Palace

January 12, 2014

As much as I don’t enjoy Sofia the First, at least the episodes have the virtue of being short. But the mermaid princesses haven’t appeared in any other episodes yet as far as I know, so I had no chance but to watch this episode even if it was twice as long to acquire them in my princess collection.

Princess Sofia and her royal family are on a summer vacation in their “Floating palace”. Sofia inquires if there are mermaids around, but everyone says they’re just fairytales. Surprise surprise, Sofia meets and befriends a mermaid princess anyway. However, their friendship is in danger, because the merpeople thing that HYOOMANZ R EVIL, and the boat Sofia’s family has parked above their cove angers them. The mermaid princess gets captured by a sea monster, and the merpeople accuse the humans of this. Now Sofia must get her friend back before the mermaid queen sinks her family’s ship with a magical storm.




Sofia the First : the Pain Continues

January 10, 2014

I sat through Sofia the First : Once Upon a Princess, because I “collect” princesses from Western animated movies by drawing them, and I heard Sofia’s movie would give me two of them. The experience was very unpleasant, but at least I got my princesses.

Now I’ve ended up in a situation where I’ve used up the most obvious princesses, and searching for more has become more difficult. Then during a walk through the Disney Wiki I noticed that Sofia’s two princess friends had pretty good reference art, which begged to be drawn, and that there were plenty of other named princess characters. Since my policy is that I won’t draw a character who I don’t know, what I predicted in the last post came true and the only solution was watching more of Sofia’s adventures. Luckily the Wiki was with me, so I could check a couple of episodes that would feature various side characters and thus keep the required amount of episodes to a minimum.

My Sofia experience wasn’t any better this time, but at least I knew what was coming. Episodes I watched were “The Shy Princess“, “The Princess Test” and “Tri-Kingdom Picnic“. I also watched “Sofia the First : the Floating Palace” for the mermaid princesses, but being a longer story it probably deserves its own post. For those unfamiliar with Sofia, she’s a little girl who became a princess when her mom married a king, and now she’s studying at a princess school with her stepsiblings to become a good princess.

Pictures from the Disney Wiki.


Sofia the First : Once Upon a Princess

May 19, 2013

It might probably be a good idea to start the blog with an entry about a bit… higher quality movie, but since Sofia the First was the thing that spurned the idea for the whole blog thing it probably deserves its spot here. Besides, I already have the old review I wrote on it a few months ago so I don’t have to start from a scratch.

First things first, why did I ever even bother with Sofia the first? I have this “Pokemon Princesses” drawing series, which depicts animated princesses in Pokemon style. I had already drawn the main heroines from preview pictures (the animation hadn’t been released yet), but later I found out that they had named princess friends as well who too should get drawn. My self-imposed rules say that if possible, I must watch the film/series I’m planning to draw, so I had no choice but to suffer through this… thing.