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Korra s3 ep 1-3

July 11, 2014

Kyaah! I had two weeks to write about the first three episodes of the new Korra season before new ones would come, and so far no results. I must step up my game or soon I’ll have five episodes waiting.

Anyway, in the third season the Republic City is plagued by spirits which Korra allowed to enter the real world at the end of the previous season. The spiritual mess has also caused new airbenders to pop up around the world, and Korra and company decide to go to gather them to resurrect the airbending culture. Meanwhile, four dangerous criminals who want Korra dead for their nefarious purposes escape jail.




Sofia the First : the Pain Continues

January 10, 2014

I sat through Sofia the First : Once Upon a Princess, because I “collect” princesses from Western animated movies by drawing them, and I heard Sofia’s movie would give me two of them. The experience was very unpleasant, but at least I got my princesses.

Now I’ve ended up in a situation where I’ve used up the most obvious princesses, and searching for more has become more difficult. Then during a walk through the Disney Wiki I noticed that Sofia’s two princess friends had pretty good reference art, which begged to be drawn, and that there were plenty of other named princess characters. Since my policy is that I won’t draw a character who I don’t know, what I predicted in the last post came true and the only solution was watching more of Sofia’s adventures. Luckily the Wiki was with me, so I could check a couple of episodes that would feature various side characters and thus keep the required amount of episodes to a minimum.

My Sofia experience wasn’t any better this time, but at least I knew what was coming. Episodes I watched were “The Shy Princess“, “The Princess Test” and “Tri-Kingdom Picnic“. I also watched “Sofia the First : the Floating Palace” for the mermaid princesses, but being a longer story it probably deserves its own post. For those unfamiliar with Sofia, she’s a little girl who became a princess when her mom married a king, and now she’s studying at a princess school with her stepsiblings to become a good princess.

Pictures from the Disney Wiki.


Korra s2 ep 13-14

November 20, 2013

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Thirteen : Darkness Falls and Chapter Fourteen : Light in the Dark

Welll, it’s over now, and the blog will now probably get back to what it was supposed to be about (animated movies).

In the season finale we have an epic battle between Korra and her uncle, powered by the good and bad spirits respectively. Meanwhile, Tenzin and family deal with their inner demons and resque Jinora, and Korra’s cousins turn on their dad. In the epic battle the uncle manages to remove the Avatar spirit from Korra, and he also cuts her connection from the past Avatars. But with a pep talk from Tenzin Korra turns her spirit into a blue giant, and with the help from Jinora’s ligth powarz (???) she manages to regain the Avatar spirit and defeat her uncle. In the end Korra decides to leave the spirit portals open.



Korra s2 ep 11-12

November 16, 2013

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Eleven : Night of a Thousand Stars and Chapter Twelve : Harmonic Convergence

I’m back on track again and not a week late! (it’s quite difficult to write about an episode from two weeks ago when you’re already seen the most recent episode…)

This time Varrick is outed as a bad(ish) guy, Bolin finally does something worthwhile, everyone admits Mako’s superior detective skills and Korra and Mako sort of get together because Korra has conveniently forgotten about their break up. The main cast doesn’t get help from the Republic city, so they head to the Southern spirit portal themselves. They get captured, and the evil uncle reveals that his plan is to fuse with the evil spirit to become a Dark Avatar. Thanks to Bumi they manage to escape and get to the spirit world. Unsurprisingly (since there’s still two episodes left), Korra fails to close the spirit portal and the evil spirit is released.



Korra s2 ep10

November 15, 2013

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Ten : A New Spiritual Age

It probably isn’t fair to spoil the appearance of that character with a picture anyone browsing the main page will notice, so fangirling will go under the cut (the plot summary will be above the cut like always… Maybe it’d be more polite to put it under the “read more” too? At least a block of text doesn’t jump to your eyes.)

Anyway, this time Korra and Tenzin’s daughter, Jinora, enter the spirit world so Korra can close the spirit portal thing from the inside. They get separated, and Korra who sucks with spiritual stuff is in great peril and anguish, but with help (dun dun dunnn) she learns the ways of the spirits. Jinora on the other hand finds the magic library from the Avatar series. The librarian spirit rats her out to Korra’s uncle, who uses her as a hostage to force Korra to open the spirit portal instead of closing (…sealing?) it. Korra obeys, but the uncle doesn’t release Jinora. Korra returns to the material world, only to meet a worried Tenzin freaking out about his daughter not waking up.



Korra s2 ep9

November 9, 2013

I lazed around long enough for episode 10 to come out, but it doesn’t feel right to combine them into the same post since they didn’t have much to do with each other. Hopefully I’ll get to doing episode 10 before 11 comes out…

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Nine : The Guide

This time Korra meets up with Tenzin and company, and after briefing them on the war situation she starts training to go to the spirit world so she can close the spirit portal from the inside. Tenzin is eagerly trying to act as her guide, but it turns out that he actually never managed to go to the spirit world himself, so his daughter Jinora goes instead. Meanwhile, Mako is framed for the crimes of which he’s accusing Varrick, and Korra’s uncle is revealed to take orders from the evil spirit from the previous episode.



Korra s2 ep7-8

October 26, 2013

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Seven & Eight : Beginnings, part 1 & 2

Well that was awesome.

In these two episodes Korra learns the history of the Avatar world. People used to live on cities built on Lion Turtles, and the turtles gave them elemental powers when the humans had to leave the city to search for food so they can defend themselves from attacking spirits. A guy called Wan is thrown out of his home city for stealing, but he manages to befriend the spirits rather than being eaten by them. Unwittingly he releases the ultimate spirit of destruction, and has to work with the spirit of life to fight it. In the process he gains the control of all four elements, and during the climatic battle he merges with the life spirit, becoming the Avatar. He manages to imprison the destruction spirit for 10 000 years, but as Korra wakes up after regaining her memory, the 10 000 years are up now and thanks to Korra’s uncle’s meddling with the spirit portals it might get loose again. Dun dun dunn!!!



Korra s2 ep6

October 13, 2013

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Six : The Sting

It’s a tweeeeest!

In this episode Korra is delightfully absent for most of the time, but unfortunately so is Tenzin. Instead, we have Mako and Asami, who, with the help of the businessman guy (name was Varrick or something like that) set up a fake ship operation to catch the bad guys who steal Asami’s mecha tanks that are being shipped to the Southern Water Tribe. Meanwhile, Bolin performs in Varrick’s propaganda movies against the Northern Water Tribe. It turns out that Mako and Asami are being double-crossed instead, and while they’re busy with their operation, all of Asami’s remaining mecha tanks are being stolen, and the evidence points towards… Varrick!

At the end of the episode we see Korra who is washed on some shore and apparently has lost her memory or something like that, didn’t care too much about that.



Korra s2 ep5

October 8, 2013

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Five : Peacekeepers

Korra and company have arrived at Republic City, where they ask the president to help Korra’s side in the civil war. The president refuses, so Korra decides to ask the troops directly behind the president’s back. Mako, however, rats her out, which leads to them breaking up. Korra heads to the Fire Nation to meet ZUKO KYAAAHH ZUKO ALERT WILL HE FINALLY GET SOME SCREEN TIME!!!!11, but her cousins and a mysterious water spirit attack her, and the spirit eats her or something. Meanwhile, Tenzin teaches Meelo to become a good lemur trainer.

First things first, it’s Lin!


Who didn’t do that much, but at least she was on screen.


Korra s2 ep4

September 28, 2013

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Four : Civil Wars, part 2

Korra’s father, who was arrested in the previous episode, is found guilty and sentenced to prison. Korra, however, finds out that the trial was rigged by the uncle, who also arranged Korra’s father’s banishment in the past to get power. Korra and her friends bust her father out of a ship taking him to North to serve is sentence, and the father sends Korra to get help in the civil war. When they leave, Bolin’s crazy girlfriend is show chasing them in rage. Meanwhile at Tenzin’s, the missing daughter is found and the families reconcile.

asami (more…)