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April 13, 2014

Man I have like 18 drafts and every time I decide that now I’ll go and finish one of them I end up creating a new draft on a completely different subject. I’ve had to move this text from post to post and increase the number by one far too many times…

This post has been pretty difficult to write, since it’s been sitting in my drafts since December, and during that time my opinions have wildly varied from “BEST MOVIE EVER!” to “this thing actually has a ton of flaws“, and now I should write a somewhat coherent result out of that. Plus everything has probably been said on other blogs already, but there’s not much I can do about that.

But anyway, Frozen, which should be called Snow Queen, tells the story of princesses Anna and Elsa. The older sister Elsa has had ice powers ever since she was a child, and the sisters enjoyed the snowy games the powers made possible. One day Anna was accidentally hit with ice, and to heal it her memories of Elsa’s powers had to be taken away. The accident made Elsa fear her powers and withdraw to solitude to avoid hurting anyone, while Anna was confused about why her sister closed her off from her life. Then the parents die, and Elsa must become the queen when she reaches majority. The coronation doesn’t go as planned, because the conflict about Anna wanting to marry a guy she just met causes Elsa to reveal her powers, run away and accidentally freeze the whole town. Anna decides to go after her to convince her to unfreeze everything.


Review contains spoilers. Picture from Disney Screencaps.




December 20, 2013

Tangled has been in my Top Tier ever since I saw it, but lately I feel it has been going down. Not fast enough to fall to the lower tier, but that may be the case some day.

In Tangled we have a baby princess Rapunzel, whose hair has healing powers. A woman named Gothel wants the power to herself, so she kidnaps Rapunzel, and raises her as her own locked in a hidden tower. When Rapunzel grows up she starts to want to leave the tower despite Gothel’s warnings and protests, and she gets the chance when a passerby thief tries to use her tower as a hiding place. She blackmails the thief to act as her guide, and the two set off to watch the annual floating light festival held at the nearby city. Unsurprisingly a romance starts to form, but problems ensue when Gothel realises that Rapunzel has fled, and the thief has to deal with the downsides of his career choice.



Sleeping Beauty

December 16, 2013

The initial plan was to review both the princess and the movie, but now I’m three movies behind… Let’s start catching up with the most recent watch. In Sleeping Beauty the evil fairy is upset about not getting invited to Princess Aurora’s birthday party, so she curses her to prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and die. The good fairies change the spell from death to sleep, and take the baby princess away from the palace to be safe. Aurora grows up, and unsurprisingly pricks her finger despite all the precautions. Luckily she has a prince for a boyfriend, who can break the spell with a love’s first kiss.

Review contains spoilers in case you somehow don’t know what happens in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Screen shots from Disney Wiki and Google.



The Little Mermaid

September 14, 2013

Writing the plot summary for movies like this feels pretty dumb since everyone knows what the Little Mermaid is about, but the post feels so badly incomplete without it… Anyway, Ariel is a mermaid princess who wants to explore the land, but can’t do that because her father, king Triton, things humans are evil, and she lacks legs. After she rescues a human prince and falls in love with him she has a bad row with her father on the subject of humans, and decides to make a deal with the evil sea witch Ursula: She trades her voice for legs. The spell lasts for three days, and if she can’t get a “true love’s kiss” from her prince during that time, the spell is reversed. Now Ariel has to woo her man without words, but Ursula is determined to have her fail.

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Beauty and the Beast

August 30, 2013

As if anyone needed a plot summary of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, it’s about an adventurous young woman who feels lonely in a village full of stupid and boring people and an unwanted suitor candidate, but her life changes for the better when she gets involved with a beast who is actually a prince yadda yadda yadda.


During my latest viewing of the movie I paid attention to how naturally the plot flows. Of course Belle’s father is going to ask for help, and of course nobody takes him seriously, Gaston’s plan makes a lot of sense… There are no surprise twists, but they really aren’t needed anyway.


Frozen impressions so far

May 20, 2013

The 53rd entry to Disney Animated Canon, Frozen, is based on the story Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. It will be released on November 27 and I really can’t wait to see it (actually I’ll have to wait even longer since it always takes a few months for Disney movies to get to Finland). While we know next to nothing about the film many people still feel that they must have an opinion on it, and I’m of course one of those.

I like the Snow Queen story; when I was young I used to watch the old Russian 1957 film so much that the video tape is nowadays in horrible shape. When I first heard about a Disney adaptation I was pretty excited. Some good things about the old film include:

  1. For once the princess is not in another castle, this time it’s the girl who sets out to rescue the boy.
  2. While the girl gets a lot of help from others they only help her forward for a part of the journey, she doesn’t have the same baby sitter or bodyguard from start to finish.
  3. While love is ultimately the solution for the frozen heart problem, the film starts with the main couple swearing eternal love to each other so we don’t get the “character development and plot climax = falling in love” thing for the nth time.

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