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Mother appreciation post

May 11, 2014

I wanted to make a compilation post of mothers in animated films I’ve seen for Mother’s day, but that approached far sooner than I expected so I had to throw this together faster than I would have wanted. And there was way more of them than I could expect, so at some point I had to start dropping them because the post was long enough already. Maybe I should start the Father’s day post now and just schedule it to avoid a similar situation?

Looooong, mostly pictures list under cut.



Kids appreciation post

May 5, 2014

This post has no real purpose, it’s just a listing of animated kids in films I’ve seen. The requirements for getting into this post are that the character must be shown as a younger version of themselves  in a prologue or flashback or something  and be from a western animation I know (duh). No characters who are just kids all the movie but don’t flashback to their even younger years, there would be far too many of those.

I thought I’d want to upload this on the international Children’s Day, but it turned out that it’s in November, and I’m not waiting that long. So, I scheduled it to the nearest Children’s Day I knew instead, which was the Japanese one.