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January 8, 2014

I like Charlotte more and I very much want to write about he too, but the official princesses first. Some pictures from Disney Wiki.

Who she is

Tiana is the Princess from the Princess and the Frog. She comes from a humble background, but she is determined to get fulfil her and her late father’s dream about owning a restaurant, so she works all the time to get the money to get enough money for it, to the point where her friends and family worry that she works too much and never gets to have any fun. Things change when the spoiled prince Naveen appears and gets them both turned into a frog. Then Tiana and Naveen must work together to turn back into human, and during their adventures in the swamp they learn a lot from each other.




Snow White

December 31, 2013

When I’m ranking the Disney Princesses in my head, it’s always easy to remember the ones I dislike and the ones I like. Snow White, however, doesn’t exactly belong to either of the two groups, and she’s kind of an odd non-entity in my Disney world. Which is very good for her I guess, because I was expecting to find her the worst of the bunch when I first saw the movie.

Some screen shots from Disney Wiki and google.

Who she is

Snow White is the princess in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Her evil stepmother is upset because Snow White is prettier than her, so she orders her to be killed. Snow White manages to avoid the murder attempt, and after wandering alone in the woods she finds the house of the seven dwarfs. She befriends the dwarfs and makes herself at home, but their merry lives are to be changed after a suspicious old lady comes to offer an apple for Snow White.




December 15, 2013

Next up is Aurora, the third member of my bottom 3 Disney Princesses. After I’m done with her there’s only “I kind of dislike this character” “I’m indifferent to this character” and “I like this character” princesses left, so hopefully the following character reviews will be less whiney.

Some screen shots from, others from google (because disneyscreencaps removed its Disney content before I was done. Where am I now going to get my HD screen shots?).

Who she is

Aurora is the princess from Sleeping Beauty. When she was a baby  an evil sorceress cursed her to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die on her 16th birthday. A fairy godmother changed the spell from death into a deep sleep, and a true love’s kiss would wake her up. The king and queen sent her to live with the fairy godmothers to be safe. Once she’s grown up and her 16th birthday approaches she meets the guy from her dream, and the two fall in love. Unfortunately for her she’s expected to marry a prince. Then despite the precautions she pricks her finger anyway, and then it’s up to her boyfriend and the fairy godmothers to save the day.




December 3, 2013

Fourth in the Character Review whining series is Jasmine, the princess from Aladdin and the only one who isn’t the main character of her film. And whom I don’t like either now that we’re at it, she’s probably my fourth least favourite.

Screen shots from

Who she is

Jasmine is the princess in Aladdin. She is faced with a difficult situation when the law orders her to marry a prince within three days, but she hasn’t found anyone she’d want to marry, and the suitor candidates don’t please her. She decides to run away, and ends up meeting a street rat Aladdin, with whom she has an adventure and falls in love. Once the villain is defeated the two lovebirds must also conquer the problem that Aladdin is not a prince and thus ineligible to marry the princess.




November 2, 2013

The blog is starting to turn into a Weekly Korra Whining : the Blog, so now a character review instead! To prevent the character reviews turning into a complete whinefest, let’s have a character I actually like for a change.

Screenshots from

Who she is

Rapunzel is the main character of Tangled. She was born as a princess with the healing powers of a magical flower, which caused her hair to grow insanely long. A nefarious woman wanted the power to herself so she could live forever, so she kidnapped Rapunzel as a child and locked her in a tower, raising as her own. On her eighteenth birthday Rapunzel decides to leave the tower to see the annual floating lantern festival, and she gets a passerby thief to act as her guide. Will Rapunzel manage to break free from her evil not-mother’s clutches? Will there be a romance between the two attractive leads? Dun dun dunn!




September 14, 2013

Ariel is a pretty divisive character, most people either love her or hate her. Myself… I can’t stand her. I thought I should write about a princess I actually like after the rant about Belle, but it’s just so much easier to write about the ones I don’t like. Maybe next time?

Screen shots from Review contains comparisons to Brave, so there may be spoilers to that film too.

Who she is

Ariel is the protagonist of the Little Mermaid. She is a mermaid princess in the underwater kingdom, but she longs to explore the ground above the sea. Unfortunately for her, her father thinks humans are dangerous and forbids her to have anything to do with them. After a bad row with her father and falling in love with a human prince, Ariel takes a sea witch’s offer to trade her voice for legs. To keep the transformation permanent she must get a true love’s kiss from the prince in three days, otherwise she will turn back into a mermaid.




August 28, 2013

I did not plan to start the character reviews with my least favourite Disney Princess, but the library didn’t have the DVDs for the other possible candidates of whom I had something to say right now. So without further ado to my opinions of Belle!

Who she is

As if everyone didn’t already know, Belle is the main character in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. She is the daughter of the local inventor, and they both are known to be rather odd. Belle feels that she can’t connect to anyone in her hometown, because she yearns for adventures while everyone else would rather continue living their peaceful lives the same way they’ve done before. Things change when Belle ends up being imprisoned by a horrible Beast whom she luckily turns back to a prince with her love, and they live happily ever after.