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A year in the life of a blog

May 25, 2014

The first anniversary of the blog came and went in May 19th. Or to be fair the blog was created way back in 2009, but May 19, 2013 was the first day I actually uploaded something, so that shall be the birthday. It was my plan to put out some data from the statistics, and here it is, even if it’s a bit late.

Analysing the data is a bit difficult since I assume some 90% of the visits are by spam bots, but let’s assume that the real visits by real people in the same ratio as all visits combined rather than assuming that spam bots favour specific posts.


Lot of numbers coming up! …I find them very interesting!



First post

May 19, 2013

Hello! This is Hapuriainen, mostly known (?) from deviantArt by the same user name.┬áNot too long ago I ended up watching a Disney animation “Sofia the First : Once Upon a Princess”. After suffering through it I wrote a not-so-flattering review on it where I considered putting up a place where I can whine about children’s movies I didn’t like.

Since I’m not a fan of tumblr, this blog shall be the place for whining. Of course I could use my website instead, but if this blog manages to survive long enough it should warrant enough material to be its own site, and I like the organising system a blog gives. But if blogging turns out to be too difficult I’ll move whatever I’ve written to BubbaTheMagpie as its own subsection.

Despite the initial premise about a place for complaining there should be positive posts as well; I like plenty of animated movies and hopefully I’ll get to writing about them too. There’s “Disney” in the title of the blog but that’s just because “Western animated movies” would make the title even more boring as it already is, DreamWorks and other studios should get attention as well.

Ranking stuff is fun so naturally I’ll have to do that. But putting 100 movies in absolute order of betterness would be pretty impossible, so they’ll be put in tiers instead. Everything in the same tier is roughly as good (or bad) to me, and usually the best (or worst) inside a tier is the one I’ve seen most recently.

Here are the tiers:

  • #1 – (That’s Mulan)
  • Top tier – Extremely awesome and glorious.
  • Good tier – A middle tier for movies that are too good for Ok tier and not good enough for Top tier.
  • Ok tier – Overall enjoyable works which just lack the magic to make me really care about them, or which have enough negative attributes that hamper my viewing experience
  • Passable tier – Not good enough for Ok tier, not bad enough for Meh tier, and couldn’t describe this as “boring” either.
  • Zzz tier – Kind of boring. Not really good or bad, but had enough redeeming qualities not to be completely forgettable.
  • Meh tier– Did not like this.
  • ??? tier – No impact whatsoever. I’ll have forgotten the main character’s name in two days.
  • Bottom tier – The bottom of the barrel. Left a very negative impression on me.

The blog will look somewhat ascetic until I learn how to improve it.