Hello! This is Hapuriainen, mostly known (?) from deviantArt by the same user name. This blog is about animated movies I’ve seen or plan to see.

Here are the tiers that are used to rank the movies:

  • #1 – (That’s Mulan)
  • Top tier – Extremely awesome and glorious.
  • Good tier – A middle tier for movies that are too good for Ok tier and not good enough for Top tier.
  • Ok tier – Overall enjoyable works which just lack the magic to make me really care about them, or which have enough negative attributes that hamper my viewing experience
  • Passable tier – Not good enough for Ok tier, not bad enough for Meh tier, and couldn’t describe this as “boring” either.
  • Zzz tier – Kind of boring. Not really good or bad, but had enough redeeming qualities not to be completely forgettable.
  • Meh tier– Did not like this.
  • ??? tier – No impact whatsoever. I’ll have forgotten the main character’s name in two days.
  • Bottom tier – The bottom of the barrel. Left a very negative impression on me.

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