Korra s3 ep 1-3

Kyaah! I had two weeks to write about the first three episodes of the new Korra season before new ones would come, and so far no results. I must step up my game or soon I’ll have five episodes waiting.

Anyway, in the third season the Republic City is plagued by spirits which Korra allowed to enter the real world at the end of the previous season. The spiritual mess has also caused new airbenders to pop up around the world, and Korra and company decide to go to gather them to resurrect the airbending culture. Meanwhile, four dangerous criminals who want Korra dead for their nefarious purposes escape jail.


Looking back I had a lukewarm reaction to the previous season. The first season had ended on an incredibly disappointing note, and Korra’s behaviour and the overall spirit conflict being kinda hazy didn’t help to get me care. This time I’m  actually really interested where this is going to go and even Korra doesn’t annoy me, so good job on that (so far).

I find the new thing that airbenders have started appearing great development. The possibility to have airbenders again is interesting, and it even makes sense that the huge spiritual mess-up at the end of the previous season lead to something like that.

The new villains on the other hand… ehh. I get that if they didn’t know they would get more season when creating the first season of Korra they couldn’t think that far ahead on what kind of bad guys they’d need two potential seasons later, but these brand new nobodies who are so dangerous to the world that we’ve never heard of them don’t fit in too well yet. I guess I’ll have to take what I get, it’s not like they’re terrible or anything, just badly disconnected. Even if I’d find the airbender plot interesting enough on its own, you don’t need any random villains. At least they have a healthy gender distribution, good designs, cool powers and creative prisons I guess, though I have no recollection on what their names or motivations were (and the waterbending woman’s voice sounded super weird).


Korra and Asami get a moment where they drive a car together being all Girl Friends and talking about how they’re still friends despite their messy relationships with Mako, and Mako gets mocked for being awkward around the two while Korra and Asami are completely over it. Bolin even calls Mako “the brooding teenager”. Carefully optimistic so far. Now it feels a little bit like the creators were going “You hated Mako and wanted Korra and Asami to bond. So there you have it! Okay, got that done, moving on” and not bringing up it again. Later Korra and Asami do get into a fight together against some Earth Kingdom thugs so there’s a reason to believe that their relationship will get more focus and it wasn’t just an one-scene wonder.

Our four main characters all made a positive impression. Especially Korra was surprisingly interesting to watch; she thought a bit before jumping to action and things did not randomly turn out to work for her.  She had quite a few good moments actually, such as calming a hysteric airbender who is scared of his new powers with talk, coming up with a way to fix the spirit problem (which didn’t work, but A for an effort), and managing a political visit to the Earth Queen. But she still hasn’t lost her short-tempered and fiery personality and gets aggressive on just the right moments. I also like how the show makes her deal with the fact that her actions have made her a very unpopular Avatar.

Then the brothers. Bolin was actually funny and not just the butt of a joke, and him being a fan of Toph gets him some points by default. And I even liked Mako; on a meta level him being the one not to get over his relationship problems can be a bit annoying, but in the show it’s just kind of funny how he sleeps at his workplace to avoid the girls. I also liked showing him to try his best at his job. Mako and Bolin’s backstory was cute enough and didn’t overstay its welcome, even though the way they met their family was pretty convenient.


And lastly Asami. For starters she’s on screen and does stuff, which is great, and even gets focus on a non-Mako relationship. But when I really think of it, there wasn’t really that much to her yet, but hopefully it will get better. The way she can pull out a luxury airship and go on a field trip when her company was on the verge of bankrupt two weeks ago requires some willing suspension of disbelief though.

One thing I uniformly disliked was the new airbender kid Kai. So far he’s done nothing but cause trouble, stealing money all the time and acting like the world revolves around him. I doubt we’re supposed to like him anyway, but the scenes he’s in are just boring to watch and I was happy to see him put into his place when the Earth Kingdom’s special troops capture him to force him to be a part of their new airbender army.

Last but definitely not the least (actually this is the most important thing): Zuko finally hauls his behind on screen after over two years of waiting!


He didn’t do that much, but that’s not important, what is is that the wait is finally over. He does joke about trying to kill Aang though, that was great.



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2 Responses to “Korra s3 ep 1-3”

  1. Anon Says:

    Did you stop reviewing? Book 4 has already begun…

    • Hapuriainen Says:

      Uh-oh, blog has been a bit dead lately. I’ll try to get back on track with the fourth season and write something on the third as a whole (maybe).

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