Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings

I needed background noise for drawing and decided to rewatch some movie I already knew well enough that it wouldn’t be too distracting. But by chance I ended up watching a Tinker Bell movie instead, and despite not having seen it before it still wasn’t distracting at all because it was so boring that there was little reason to pay attention to it.


Anyway, the story is about Tinker Bell the fairy who notices that her wings start to glow when she enters the winter area of the fairy realm. Despite the laws strictly forbidding warm fairies and winter fairies from crossing the border and hanging out with each other Tinker Bell goes to the winter area anyway in order to find out what made her wings glow. There she discovers that she has a winter fairy twin sister called Periwinkle, and the new-found sisters are excited to spend time with each other. But unsurprisingly things go wrong when Tinker Bell despite the rules invites Periwinkle to see her home.

Pics from Disney Screencaps. Review contains spoilers.


The movie looked good enough and especially the wintery land was a joy to see. The movie also showed enough of the little fairy life with the skates made out of paper clips and sewing clothes out of leaves, that probably is incredibly cliche and generic but it almost always entertains me.

As for the characters, on a more… objective viewpoint the character designs were pretty bad; everyone looks like a palette swap of Tinker Bell in a wig, but on a pure personal level I’m sad to say designs like this entertain me a lot. I make Flash dress up games and character creators, and anything that looks easily dress-uppable always gets at least some attention from me. It’d be stupidly easy to make a character creator of the Tinker Bell fairies if I only cared enough. Also Tinker Bell’s winter costume was pretty cool too and pretty much the only reason I’d have any interest in the other Tinker Bell movies is checking out what she wears in them.


Speaking of Tinker Bell, I really don’t like her new characterisation in the new Disney Fairies franchise. In the movie she was enjoyably moody and even evil, but here she’s been tamed to the usual bland nice, curious and friendly mold. The side characters were even worse; I don’t know if they do anything interesting in the other Tinker Bell movies but here they were all flattened to one trait (The nerdy bookworm! The stupid boy-crazy bimbo! The dumb friend!) And on top of looking just like Tinker Bell, Periwinkle was identical in personality as well so nothing new in that department either.

The plot had me rolling my eyes on several occasions. For starters, after knowing her sister for less than a day Tinker Bell’s first thought is to build a snow-making machine so that the frost fairy Periwinkle can explore the warm area. Okay, we need to get the plot moving so we can get to the point where the snow machine doesn’t work well enough, Periwinkle’s wings stat thawing and their ploy is discovered, but the fact that the characters jump straight into smuggling people across the border makes them look unnecessarily stupid and impatient. I would rather have had the sisters be overjoyed about getting to know each other and having secret meetings at the border for a while before jumping to more extreme measures, but I guess that would have hurt the pacing.

Then there was the whole titular wing thing. The Warm Fairy Queen sadly explains that the reason for forbidding warm and winter fairies becoming involved with each other is that a long time ago a warm fairy and a winter fairy fell in love, but that resulted in the other having their wings permanently destroyed. And the aloof Winter Fairy King doesn’t seem to have any wings! I wonder who this couple could be! Dun dun dunn! But rather than revealing the obvious right away the movie waits until the end to reveal it.


My least favourite thing in the movie was the ending. Tinker Bell shows that the cold had destroyed her wing for a shocking ending. Oh no!  We could get a lesson that your actions have consequences and set up an actually interesting sequel of Tinker Bell having to deal with an obvious disability! But fear not, the glowing effect on her wings was caused by her twin sister being close, and when the sisters join their wings a magic light heals Tinker Bell’s broken wing! So with no effort on her part Tinker Bell who had the incredible luck of being born with a twin gets her happy ending after all! Sucks to be the twin-less king though, no healing magic for him.

Ultimately I wouldn’t say that the movie did anything horrendously wrong or that it was offensively stupid or stupidly offensive, it was just pretty bland, predicable and forgettable and didn’t really offer anything new. I guess I can give some pity points for not having a romantic subplot, or a villain for that matter (I appreciate it when you can tell a story without having to set up a 100% evil villain whose downfall fixes everything).


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