A year in the life of a blog

The first anniversary of the blog came and went in May 19th. Or to be fair the blog was created way back in 2009, but May 19, 2013 was the first day I actually uploaded something, so that shall be the birthday. It was my plan to put out some data from the statistics, and here it is, even if it’s a bit late.

Analysing the data is a bit difficult since I assume some 90% of the visits are by spam bots, but let’s assume that the real visits by real people in the same ratio as all visits combined rather than assuming that spam bots favour specific posts.


Lot of numbers coming up! …I find them very interesting!

There have been 39 posts total. At times the blog has kinda been in a coma, because I tend to think of new ideas all the time, which leaves previous ideas unfinished. Even now I have 15 posts sitting in my drafts, and every time I decide to finally finish them I end up creating a new one…

The most popular post has been Rapunzel, with some 700 views total. Next are Belle and Ariel, both with some 500 views. Fourth most popular is, not so surprisingly, Frozen impressions so far (~450 views). And the rest of the top 10 are Sofia the First : Once Upon a Princess (~450), Jasmine (~450), Anastasia (~400), Despicable Me 2 (~350), Aurora (~300) and Tiana (~300). Obviously the earlier posts have had more time to get visitors, but in the past quarter Rapunzel and Belle still take the lead, while Frozen takes third.

I’m glad to see the character reviews doing well, because they’re probably the ones where I put most though. I’ll try to get the Disney Princesses character reviews round done… some day, so I can move on to other characters as well. They’re fun to have, but they take quite a lot of time. Elsa is probably next, her review is already almost 2000 words long.

The stats also keep track of search engine terms. Almost all of them (~1200) are hidden search terms so I can’t say anything about them but I’ll talk about those I can see. Making any conclusions about them would require more work since it counts things like “anastasia outfit”, “anastasia outfits” and “anastasia dresses” as separate terms. But if I combine terms which clearly aim at the same thing with a very quick glance, I’d say that various spellings of my username or references to the blog’s name were the most common search engine terms with some 50 searches (stopped counting halfway through the “1 search” list that was five pages long). Also the stuff Anastasia wears was the a pretty popular topic with around 30 searches. The Anastasia search terms bring up one of my pet peeves, that is Anastasia referred as a Disney character (she is Fox Animation Studios. Not all animation is Disney!) Outside these I didn’t notice any particular trends except maybe Rapunzel and Sofia the first came up fairly often. And Frozen I guess.


Delightfully almost all search terms I could see had at least something to do with the content of the blog, so hopefully people found what they were looking for Or at least those who searched for “Hapurainen animation blog” should have.

As for the most popular pics/links clicked on the blog, all the pics within the blog combined take the first place with some 1200 clicks, which should tell that at least that many real people have visited (or why would spam bots follow links that lead to files like arieloutfits.jpg?). The most popular single link (rather than a combination of all links within the same domain) has been the not all pokemon are created equal Pokemon rating blog (~400), and next is my own site Bubba The Magpie, splitting some 210 views between a pic of Sofia I already had uploaded there and couldn’t be bothered to upload on WordPress as well (~140) and the main site (~70). Next are Marshal Turner’s Avatar Reviews (~140), all Shoomlah‘s pics on dA combined (~120) and all Pixiv links combined (~50, with U-min’s Disney Princesses being the most popular  with some 20 clicks).

DeviantArt would place a lot better if all dA links would be counted as a single group (500+ clicks, can’t be bothered to count them manually), but now they’re grouped by artists. Shoomlah is by far the most popular out of the dA bunch with Historical Jasmine (~100), but I assume it benefits from the fact that it’s a text link so it’s more tempting to see where it leads while a thumbnail tells you right away what kind of pic you’re going to see as the other Historical Princesses all have less than 10 clicks. Next most popular dA artists are Godohelp (~40) and racookie3, Jirkavinse, Grodansnagel and TaijaVigilia (~30 each).

Out of the pics within the blog the most popular one has been Anastasia’s outfits (first version) in the Anastasia movie review, with some 80 clicks. Next is Aladdin body shapes in Jasmine’s character review (~70), which probably also has a boost for being a text link rather than a thumbnail. The third most popular is Anastasia’s outfits (second version), some 70 clicks. Hopefully the people who searched for Anastasia’s outfits found what they wanted. Next are Ariel’s outfits, Tiana’s outfits, Jasmine’s outfits, comparison between Anna’s concept and final design and Rapunzel’s hair (~30 each). Glad to see the outfit compilations doing well, I like them a lot too.


Most popular referrer to the blog has been deviantArt (surprise surprise) with some 4700… views? Search Engines (~2100) is the only other notable referrer, lead by (surprise surprise) Google (~1700) and Google Image Search (~300).

And that’s about it! Maybe I should aim for uploading at least 40 posts this year to make a record?


2 Responses to “A year in the life of a blog”

  1. Emma Says:

    Have you ever thought about watching “Barbie: Life in the Dream house”?

    • Hapuriainen Says:

      I hadn’t heard of it until now. I’m pretty sceptical on if it’s for me, but the Wikipedia description made it sound aware of its silliness enough and the episodes seem to be pretty short so maybe I’ll give it a try some day.

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