Sofia the First : the Floating Palace

As much as I don’t enjoy Sofia the First, at least the episodes have the virtue of being short. But the mermaid princesses haven’t appeared in any other episodes yet as far as I know, so I had no chance but to watch this episode even if it was twice as long to acquire them in my princess collection.

Princess Sofia and her royal family are on a summer vacation in their “Floating palace”. Sofia inquires if there are mermaids around, but everyone says they’re just fairytales. Surprise surprise, Sofia meets and befriends a mermaid princess anyway. However, their friendship is in danger, because the merpeople thing that HYOOMANZ R EVIL, and the boat Sofia’s family has parked above their cove angers them. The mermaid princess gets captured by a sea monster, and the merpeople accuse the humans of this. Now Sofia must get her friend back before the mermaid queen sinks her family’s ship with a magical storm.


“Merpeople think humans are bad, in reality humans are awesome and don’t even know that merpeople exist, and in the end everyone immediately becomes friends” is something Disney already did in the Little Mermaid, and I don’t think they told the story too well that time either. After being completely against the idea of having anything to do with humans, once it is revealed that the mermaid princess was indeed captured by a sea monster and not humans everyone just shows up to greet Sofia’s family, and that’s that. THIS time humans weren’t guilty (well, technically they were because the sea monster was a transformed sorcerer, but nobody finds out), but nobody even mentions the past conflicts that lead to their prejudice. And we’re treated to a moral that you should be friends with everyone, because it’s not like we haven’t heard that before in a Sofia story.

When Sofia tries to get help from her family of course NOBODY BELIEVES HER, because mermaids totally can’t be real! Don’t the kids study magic at school where the teachers are fairies? And they have a frigging royal sorcerer! But noooope, there is no possibility that there might be magical creatures living in the sea, totally! How does the magic work in this universe anyway? Witchcraft is a subject at school, but somehow Sofia’s magic amulet and ability to talk to animals is somehow super special and nobody even knows about it? Are there other explanations besides the need to have Sofia be the most unique snowflake in town?

I remember complaining in my first Sofia entry how I don’t like the animation and how everything looks like plastic, and this time the underwater setting made everything even worse. Ariel’s long flowy hair looks nothing but awful, the red stuff coming from her hair could be made of various different materials ranging from plastic to whatever snails are made of, but definitely not human hair. And animators weren’t kind to Ariel’s face either.


Speaking of Ariel, her appearance was completely unnecessary. She just pops up, Sofia recognises her immediately, because apparently Disney Princesses are celebrities in this universe or something, tells Sofia that she must ask help from the mermaids because obviously no other character could have done it, and then just disappears and nobody ever mentions her again. At least Cinderella’s appearance in the first Sofia movie had the shock and unintentional comedy value for me because I had forgotten about it when I started watching, but this time I knew what was coming. So unless you think that having Ariel appear in the show regardless of what she does is the most amazing thing ever all that’s left is a contrived marketing ploy.

As always, Sofia was incredibly annoying. Man I hate this brat! Perfectly happy, everyone’s best friend 5 seconds after they’ve met, always helpful, what a little saint she is, always sticking her little nose everywhere, and solving everyone’s problems with her incwedibly icky cutesy patootsie sweetness! Not every girl has to be a Toph or a Merida, but at least some edge would be preferable.


What caught my attention the most was the sub-plot where a seagull stole food from Sofia’s bunny. Or what could have been a sub-plot, but the food fell into the sea in the second scene where they were, and after that Sofia stepped into their story too, taking all the fun away. I will admit that the bunny got a few chuckles out of me though, I guess he was my favourite part of the story. Unfortunately his funny parts amounted to something like 2 minutes out of 40 at best.

(also, I can’t unhear “Korra” when someone calls the mermaid Cora.)

I’ll be generous and let this in the Meh tier rather than Bottom tier. At least I knew precisely what was coming so I couldn’t be shocked or anything, even if it’s incredibly hard for me to think of good things to say.


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2 Responses to “Sofia the First : the Floating Palace”

  1. Meg Says:

    I’ve always found the Disney Princess cameos annoying too, especially when they advertised Ariel’s so much, even though she was really just there for a song and that’s it. However, Aurora’s cameo in the Christmas special was worse. She was there for barely two minutes, and she didn’t even get a song!

    • Hapuriainen Says:

      I’ve heard that Aurora’s appearance was a disappointment to the fans. Considering my opinion on Aurora I see it funnily fitting for her to have next to no screen time though…

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