Tangled has been in my Top Tier ever since I saw it, but lately I feel it has been going down. Not fast enough to fall to the lower tier, but that may be the case some day.

In Tangled we have a baby princess Rapunzel, whose hair has healing powers. A woman named Gothel wants the power to herself, so she kidnaps Rapunzel, and raises her as her own locked in a hidden tower. When Rapunzel grows up she starts to want to leave the tower despite Gothel’s warnings and protests, and she gets the chance when a passerby thief tries to use her tower as a hiding place. She blackmails the thief to act as her guide, and the two set off to watch the annual floating light festival held at the nearby city. Unsurprisingly a romance starts to form, but problems ensue when Gothel realises that Rapunzel has fled, and the thief has to deal with the downsides of his career choice.


Tangled has always been an enjoyable watch for me. The story works great; it has the correct pacing and there’s no stupid moments that make me scratch my head. Somehow I can even get behind the romance on some level, which is actually pretty rare.

My character review for Rapunzel was fairly positive, but after that I feel she’s been getting a bit of bland to me. Also, reading someone else’s review pointing out that the movie completely ignores the fact that she’s had absolutely zero human contact outside Gothel in her entire life, but that doesn’t seem to affect her relationships with other people in any way. Which is pretty jarring when I think about it. And she is a very ‘safe’ character, in that she’s active enough not to anger modern viewers, but still an overall a polite and nice Good Girl with a big heart and an easily marketable dream theme (but definitely not a romantic dream!) She is still pretty high in my Disney Princess ranking for being active, having an interesting life outside the male lead (for the viewer at least), not being whiney, and having amazing hair, but if Disney keeps giving us more well written princesses who are further away from the generic Nice Girl mold she’s likely to be pushed down.

Gothel was a great villain. She didn’t need any magical powers or an army of henchmen, she managed to be the villain with her intelligence and emotional manipulation alone. And the hero being in a such close relationship with the villain is always great to see. It’s a bit pity that she was such a blatant villain though, I bet the story would have been so much more interesting if she had actually cared for Rapunzel instead of the usual “villain is bad, no questions asked”.


As for the other characters, the thief was ok and the guard horse who was chasing him was hilarious. Rapunzel’s pet chameleon on the other hand annoyed me even on the first viewing, and every time I watch the movie my hate for it grows. I don’t find it funny at all, it just feels like the tacked on animal sidekick just for the sake of having a sidekick. Plus Rapunzel’s solitude in the tower would work a lot better if she didn’t have a sentient lizard friend hanging around.

Tangled has a lot of fun songs, I really love “When Will My Life Begin” and “I Have a Dream”. The ‘big’ song “I See the Light” didn’t impress me as much, but it’s still above being a complete bore because the visuals are so great. My favourite musical segment was still the Kingdom Dance, even if it didn’t have a song (or maybe it was a plus?) The music was great and the colours of the setting sun looked really beautiful. The film looked awesome everywhere else too, the money that was poured in it really shows.

But yeah, overall a great and enjoyable movie, and probably one of the Disney DVDs I own that I watch the most. I’d say that its main problem is that while it does everything it tries very well, it doesn’t really try anything new and avoids taking risks. Which I assume was the intention, with the idea of updating Disney’s fairytale classics to 2000s or something like that.


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