How to Train Your Dragon 2 impressions so far

Frozen has been a bit lonely in the pre-release impressions category, but now with the release of the first proper trailer How to Train Your Dragon 2 shall accompany it. To those who don’t know what the first Dragon was about, it had a nerdy viking boy Hiccup befriending a dragon he calls Toothless despite vikings and dragons being enemies otherwise, and problems arising when his forbidden friendship is discovered.

This post will be about the trailer and a few articles I’ve read, and they were pretty spoilery. So, potential spoilers under the cut I guess.

How to Train Your Dragon is my favourite Dreamworks movie, so I’m excited to see the sequel, but I have high expectations for it so it had better not suck. The trailers haven’t made me exactly jump in excitement, but there’s nothing wrong with them either. Plot seems to be about some dude capturing dragons probably for some nefarious purpose, and it is up to Hiccup and his friends to save the day. At least seeing how the world has changed is always interesting to see if nothing else (and flying still seems to look awesome).

I heard of a new female character and I became cautiously interested, because there was less chance that it’d be a girl whose primary function was to act as a love interest to the hero as Hiccup already has a girlfriend. And I have enough faith in Dreamworks that I didn’t see them adding some dumb love triangle. And then it turned out that the woman was older than Hiccup anyway, and possibly his mother (who I presumed to have died or something, but maybe I’m missing something). So the chances for a romance are pretty low, which sounds great. The romance was easily my least favourite part of the first movie anyway, and to me to me its only large failing was how the female lead was shoehorned into the obligatory love interest role when the romance could have been cut out completely and nothing about the plot would have changed. Hopefully she’ll have more to do in the sequel.


Hiccup says they have to work on Toothless’s solo flying. I wonder how that’s supposed to work, I thought he was physically incapable of that because of his torn tail fin? Anyway, I really liked how the first movie ended with Hiccup losing his leg in a fight so they were both crippled for a symbolic value or something like that, but it was especially a pretty bold move to have such serious visible injury happen to a young and conventionally pretty character. Right now I can’t think of anyone else but Zuko from Avatar and some Fullmetal Alchemist characters with a similar… design choice. And now Hiccup is actually getting more than five seconds of screen time with his artificial limb! Well, there was that tv series, but I’ve never seen any of it.

I’m a sucker for round, soft animals, so the fat sheep caught my attention immediately. I wish they get a lot of screen time! (one can always hope)



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One Response to “How to Train Your Dragon 2 impressions so far”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    the new female character is actually the mother, so no love interest.

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