Korra s2 ep 11-12

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Eleven : Night of a Thousand Stars and Chapter Twelve : Harmonic Convergence

I’m back on track again and not a week late! (it’s quite difficult to write about an episode from two weeks ago when you’re already seen the most recent episode…)

This time Varrick is outed as a bad(ish) guy, Bolin finally does something worthwhile, everyone admits Mako’s superior detective skills and Korra and Mako sort of get together because Korra has conveniently forgotten about their break up. The main cast doesn’t get help from the Republic city, so they head to the Southern spirit portal themselves. They get captured, and the evil uncle reveals that his plan is to fuse with the evil spirit to become a Dark Avatar. Thanks to Bumi they manage to escape and get to the spirit world. Unsurprisingly (since there’s still two episodes left), Korra fails to close the spirit portal and the evil spirit is released.


First the civil war. I honestly couldn’t care less about it; Korra’s father really isn’t that interesting a character. NOW we see Katara again, wouldn’t it have been cool to have her involved SOMEHOW in the war in the previous episodes so that there’d be at least one person to care about? She doesn’t need to fight on the front lines, just give her a line or two or something.

The highest point of the episodes for me was probably Varrick. Man that guy is awesome! Everything he did was hilarious! I love how he acts his usual hammy and boisterous way even when he’s in jail (and the fact that he built the prison himself and had a hunch that he’d be thrown in there too so he built a luxurious cell for himself was stupendous). And he bought the first battleship they made and named it after his secretary! And unsurprisingly, Bolin is able to find crazy stuff like a flamboyant coat and pie in it, because you never know what you’re going to find in Varrick’s ship!


The stupid love triangle is still here, and it’s even dumber than before. So Korra doesn’t even remember she and Mako broke up because she was being a total psycho, and Asami has to watch them making out from the sidelines again? Thankfully, at least Mako seems to be uncertain if he wants to get back together with Korra again (and Bolin using Mako’s advice about breaking up against him), so this’ll be ok if Mako really does break up with Korra.

The plot with Mako being the only one with a brain was resolved in a pretty unsatisfying way. Varrick is outed, and then everyone admits Mako was the superior smart guy, and then we move on. On one hand it was pretty awful for not enough people apologising to him, but on the other hand I really wouldn’t like seeing them grovel at his excellence any more than we’ve already seen. With Lin acting like a total moron for so many episodes and not contributing to realising Varrick is behind all this in any way there really was no satisfying way out of this mess.

Bolin finally got some action. I’m pretty torn about what to think of it… It was a really cool fight and he got to show that he’s a capable fighter, and using the pro-bending arena as setting was awesome, but.. at the same time I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted because you knew that the attackers were Varrick’s men hired to sabotage the movie event and not an “actual” threat I just couldn’t get into it. My worst fear was that Bolin the Nuktuk fighting the “Northern Water Tribe troops” would somehow play into Varrick’s hands and get the citizens want to go to the war, but thankfully this didn’t occur. Maybe I’ll like the fight more if I rewatch it knowing that Bolin actually accomplishes something and isn’t a total tool again.


The Nuktuk movie was hilarious again. Some of them have bored me, but this time it didn’t overstay its welcome, and Boling accidentally spoiling the ending for Asami was pretty funny. And the commentator from the pro-bending matches describing Bolin’s fight to the people sitting around him was gold.

I like how the show lets the non-benders shine too, and in a way that doesn’t feel overly contrived. Their plan to attack from above made sense, them only having one sky bison made sense (…didn’t Korra have another one…? Umm let’s not think about it now, and at least the plane is faster), and Asami being the only one to be able to pilot the plane made sense. And Bumi got to rescue everyone at the end; to be fair him destroying the whole place probably was pretty overkill and his actions relied a lot on stuff conveniently working in his favour, but Bumi is awesome so I’ll let it slide. And Varrick is even more glorious with his wits, crazy maneuverism and cash.

Not really complaining about Korra this time outside the love triangle garbage. Please dump her Mako! Also nice to see her with her hair down.

I’m starting to believe that despite the teasing we won’t be seeing Zuko in this season. Boo-hoo… Or at least I hope, as much as I like him, it’d be pretty dumb for him to randomly appear in the dramatic finale.


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3 Responses to “Korra s2 ep 11-12”

  1. What About That Episode? Says:

    I loved every minute of the season finale! I cannot wait for the next book!!

    • Hapuriainen Says:

      I thought it was alright and leagues better than the s1 finale, but I still had my problems with it (a boring villain, complete sidelining of Asami and Jinora’s unexplained god-level light powers being the most prevalent ones).

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