Korra s2 ep10

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Ten : A New Spiritual Age

It probably isn’t fair to spoil the appearance of that character with a picture anyone browsing the main page will notice, so fangirling will go under the cut (the plot summary will be above the cut like always… Maybe it’d be more polite to put it under the “read more” too? At least a block of text doesn’t jump to your eyes.)

Anyway, this time Korra and Tenzin’s daughter, Jinora, enter the spirit world so Korra can close the spirit portal thing from the inside. They get separated, and Korra who sucks with spiritual stuff is in great peril and anguish, but with help (dun dun dunnn) she learns the ways of the spirits. Jinora on the other hand finds the magic library from the Avatar series. The librarian spirit rats her out to Korra’s uncle, who uses her as a hostage to force Korra to open the spirit portal instead of closing (…sealing?) it. Korra obeys, but the uncle doesn’t release Jinora. Korra returns to the material world, only to meet a worried Tenzin freaking out about his daughter not waking up.


Now, with that cleared, let’s get to the most important part of the episode. Iroh is in it!!! Drinking tea and playing pai-sho like a boss! …to be fair he didn’t really do that much, but he’s such a great guy so it was awesome to see him again. So he didn’t die but instead retired to the spirit world huh…? He’s so awesome that even time can’t kill him!


For once I have nothing to complain on Korra, other than that she hasn’t done nearly enough for me to forgive some 20 episodes of sucking. She got actual character development with her own effort rather than having it dumped on her by a third party, and the show called her out on her flaws and she had to learn to change her behaviour (whiiiiich should be like a minimum requirement, but credit when credit is due). She always uses offensive bending as her first solution, so it was really nice that 1) she’s in an environment where it won’t work and 2) she got into serious trouble because of it. And hopefully she’ll now be less of a whiny emotional teenager since she’s had to learn to calm down because her emotional outbursts alter the spirit world too.

Also, kid Korra is cute.


In addition to Iroh, the library spirit from the Avatar series makes his return as well. I kind of liked him more when he was doing his own stuff for his own purposes, but him teaming up with the resident bad guy didn’t bother me too much. I wonder if we’ll see the face stealer spirit too?

No love triangle or everyone but Mako lacking a brain in this episode at all, which is great. Jinora getting more screen time was great as well, she’s the only one of Tenzin’s kids who doesn’t annoy me (she’s an interesting character without the comparison too). I hope we’ll see more of her and that she won’t be reduced to a damsel in distress.

I still have no idea what the uncle is up to. What can he possibly think to achieve by releasing a god of destruction who wants to destroy the world? Is he just stupid, or does he really have a plan to double-cross it?

Is this the first time in this season that I’m actually interested in where the story is going? Or Korra’s story to be more precise; the double episode with the first Avatar was pretty cool, but that was completely without Korra’s “help”. I really like it when things go South, watching Zuko squirm in agony for two and a half seasons in the original Avatar was probably my favourite thing in the series overall…



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