Korra s2 ep7-8

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Seven & Eight : Beginnings, part 1 & 2

Well that was awesome.

In these two episodes Korra learns the history of the Avatar world. People used to live on cities built on Lion Turtles, and the turtles gave them elemental powers when the humans had to leave the city to search for food so they can defend themselves from attacking spirits. A guy called Wan is thrown out of his home city for stealing, but he manages to befriend the spirits rather than being eaten by them. Unwittingly he releases the ultimate spirit of destruction, and has to work with the spirit of life to fight it. In the process he gains the control of all four elements, and during the climatic battle he merges with the life spirit, becoming the Avatar. He manages to imprison the destruction spirit for 10 000 years, but as Korra wakes up after regaining her memory, the 10 000 years are up now and thanks to Korra’s uncle’s meddling with the spirit portals it might get loose again. Dun dun dunn!!!


It’s pretty difficult to say whether I ultimately liked this episode. On one hand it had the backstory of the Avatar world, which is always interesting, and it was also told pretty well and I was more excited with it than what I have ever been with any Korra episode. But on the other hand it just brings up the serious problems I have with Korra as a character.

First the backstory. Didn’t like the young Wan, he was written in a somehow overly ‘safe’ way, as in he was such a ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ rowdy thief with a rad catchphrase, but still a generic nice guy who’s ready to share his food with random animals. He did get better though once he grew up a bit and dropped the catchphrase, and after that he was a pretty cool guy.

I really enjoyed the history of the Avatar world. Deus ex Turtles are back, cool I guess? And it was the most awesome moment ever in the history of the Korra series when the Avatar Theme started playing after Wan and the good spirit combined. I kind of doubt that Korra would be able to live up to that awesomeness.

I found the whole spiritual business a bit confusing. So the good and bad spirit have already been fighting for ten thousand years, yet now they must fight during this spiritual… something that will decide the ruler for the next ten thousand years? If the good spirit had not arrived on time, would the bad spirit just have chilled out there waiting for her? And why did Wan sticking his hand to a pillar of light bond him and the good spirit forever, when was that explained? I’m probably thinking too much of this, it looked cool and now we’re in danger since the 10 000 year time limit is up again, I believe it’s enough for me to understand that.


At first the spirits being very human-like bothered me a lot, but then I thought that if the idea is that nowadays humans and spirits are separated, but previously they used to live close to each other. So it suddenly started to make a lot of sense to have them be, uh, more human-like.

But then to Korra. Just how many times will she get the solution simply handed to her? She has no spiritual skills and she’s been running around aimlessly for the entire season. Will she finally have to sit down, practise spiritual stuff, think through the situation and get over her selfishness? Noooope, she just happens to be eaten by a spirit, which happens to take her memory, and then she happens to be found by just the right people who can use some spiritual healing mumbo jumbo, and then the past avatars just dump the info on her without her even trying, which happens to give her her memory back, and luckily enough, the people helping her just happen to have spare sky bisons so she can have easy transport too! …blargh.


Sure, Aang had Deus ex Turtle hand energybending to him, but at least he was actively searching for a solution himself, consulting the past avatars for advice and putting some effort to thinking about his problem. In these very same episodes we have Wan, who knows what he’s doing, and he personally goes out to the other Lion Turtles and asks them to give him more elements, they don’t just march to him in a nice line. Korra on the other hand just runs around like a chicken with its head cut off or just sits and sulks, and the solution magically comes to her. Okay, she’s the Avatar, so it’s not surprising that she can get info from her past lifes, but can she do SOMETHING about it herself? Such as, find out about the dueling spirits herself and then asking more about it from the past Avatars? Or, the Avatars desperately trying to contact her, but somehow can’t, and Korra has to do something about it? At least getting over the amnesia herself? Apparently that plot element was thrown out of the window, by the way.

What has she achieved on her own in this season anyway? What independent ideas has she had? Nothing in this two-parter at least. Opening the spirit portals was her uncle’s idea, going to ask the Republic City to help in the civil war was her father’s idea, going behind the president’s back and asking the troops directly from general Iroh was the businessman’s idea, going to meet Zuko (OMGH ZUKO!!!!!) was Iroh’s idea… She didn’t find out that the uncle was the bad guy herself either, the judge who just happened to be bought off blurted it at her when she was confronting him for a completely different reason. Umm, she took part in a protest and threatened to kill a judge because she didn’t like his judgement? Currently she’s more like a pawn that’s moved around by other characters than what I’d except to see of a main character of a show that has her name.


So while the backstory was extremely cool I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it to the fullest because it was Korra listening to it. Can we go back to Tenzin please?


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