Korra s2 ep6

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Six : The Sting

It’s a tweeeeest!

In this episode Korra is delightfully absent for most of the time, but unfortunately so is Tenzin. Instead, we have Mako and Asami, who, with the help of the businessman guy (name was Varrick or something like that) set up a fake ship operation to catch the bad guys who steal Asami’s mecha tanks that are being shipped to the Southern Water Tribe. Meanwhile, Bolin performs in Varrick’s propaganda movies against the Northern Water Tribe. It turns out that Mako and Asami are being double-crossed instead, and while they’re busy with their operation, all of Asami’s remaining mecha tanks are being stolen, and the evidence points towards… Varrick!

At the end of the episode we see Korra who is washed on some shore and apparently has lost her memory or something like that, didn’t care too much about that.


I’ve seen the Varrick reveal speculated in many places so that didn’t surprise me, but I don’t know if I would’ve been able to predict it on my own. Now I’m wondering if all his crazy stunts are just a facade, or if he really is that insane while being very smart at the same time. Nevertheless, he still was hilarious in this episode, and I’m all in for the new reveal, since it takes him further away from the obnoxious LOLRANDOM-for-the-sake-of-being-random!!!11 character tropes I hate.

Man that CGI looked awkward! No more of that please.

The police who wouldn’t listen to Mako’s suspicions were so dumb that it was incredibly annoying. But what was even more annoying was how Lin, who supposedly is extremely competent at her job, doesn’t spare a single thought at Mako’s investigation. I know Korra is a moron who latches to the obvious solution she wants to see, but Lin? How come she’d rather side with the moustached idiots than Mako, who even has evidence?

Bolin still continues to be the joke. I think he had a solid point about how everyone refused to help him yet now Mako expects him to drop what he’s doing and help, but that was completely played for laughs. I did find some of the Bolin related jokes funny though, I enjoyed Mako’s “We don’t even have hats!” far more than I probably should have (it’s not like the line is that funny). It probably has something to do with how the voice actor said the line.


The movies were kind of fun, though it went on too long and the joke wore off. But I have to say that the ‘talking animals’ thing was extremely funny, I seriously didn’t see it coming so it caught me completely by surprise.

We’re dangerously close to the love triangle garbage again. No, not this! I can even stomach the awful Makorra if it means I don’t have to see their love life struggles again. Sure, I’ll much rather have Masami and this episode gave hope for that, but considering how things always seem to work in Korra’s favour the only thing we’ll probably get out of this is that Mako realises how much he luuuurves Korra after all and then we’ll get drama on how Asami’s left alone again.

However, if I wasn’t so sure about this Masami teasing will lead to some dumb Makorra reunion anyway, I’d be pretty interested in Mako and Asami’s relationship. And otherwise I was very glad to see Asami’s plotline getting more attention.


Best part of the episode was no Korra. And this amnesia thing… doesn’t seem too interesting, but hopefully it’ll mean that we’ll see less whining and complaining from her now.


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