Korra s2 ep5

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Five : Peacekeepers

Korra and company have arrived at Republic City, where they ask the president to help Korra’s side in the civil war. The president refuses, so Korra decides to ask the troops directly behind the president’s back. Mako, however, rats her out, which leads to them breaking up. Korra heads to the Fire Nation to meet ZUKO KYAAAHH ZUKO ALERT WILL HE FINALLY GET SOME SCREEN TIME!!!!11, but her cousins and a mysterious water spirit attack her, and the spirit eats her or something. Meanwhile, Tenzin teaches Meelo to become a good lemur trainer.

First things first, it’s Lin!


Who didn’t do that much, but at least she was on screen.

Then to whining. Man I hate Korra!  Again she’s throwing temper tantrums, jumping to conclusions and utilising black-and-white view of the conflict. Have we had a single event when she’s accomplished something with diplomacy in this season? And I really couldn’t care less about her feelings when Mako dumped her; I was totally siding with Mako on that one and I felt Korra really had it coming.

With Zuko it was different. The more stupid and selfish he acted, the more I liked him, because I had a reason to believe that his stupidity and selfishness would lead to his downfall which would be delicious to watch, and that he’d have to learn to be less stupid and selfish, which would be even better (and it was done even better than I expected, and the Zuko and Iroh reunion scene is my favourite part of the whole series). But with Korra… I had to sit through an entire season with her acting stupid and selfish, and the way I see it, she didn’t have to learn anything as a person and victory was pretty much handed to her. Why should I expect anything different this time? That all we get is Korra going all “I’m sowwy” at the end of an episode, and acting in a reckless and selfish manner in the next like nothing happened?


As bizarre as it is, I’m starting to like Mako. Or at least whenever he’s arguing with Korra I’m always all “Go Mako!”. In my opinion Mako did as well as he possibly could, with Korra’s stance being that everything must go 100% the ways he wants and she won’t compromise one bit on her side. And the new side to his character (trying his best at his job while being bullied by his co-workers and being stuck with his responsibility to his work and Korra’s wants) was a lot more interesting than what we’ve seen so far.

Tenzin’s part was very weak this time. What was I supposed to get from this? That Tenzin is strict and uptight? Gee, that’s something I totally didn’t know before. Nothing wrong with a lighter and sillier story once a while, but I’d still like to get something out of it. About the only redeeming quality about Tenzin’s story this time is that it seemed like it was going to end with a heavy aesop with Tenzin learning to be less strict and uptight and accept other teaching methods, so at least the big fat nothing was better than that.

Eska really confuses me. The narrative and the other characters treat the Bolin/Eska relationship as a joke, but now I’m supposed to care that for whatever reason Bolin is so important to Eska that she cries over losing him? Bolin apparently starts doing something remotely plot related, but he’s still the butt of every joke. Even when he talks about his insecurities we’re supposed to laugh at him!

I really misjudged the businessman character in the first two episodes, I thought I’d hate him but I’ve actually enjoyed many of his stunts. I thought he’d be an obnoxious crazy/hyper/RANDOMLOLOOL!!!11 type character like Dory (Finding Nemo) or the pink abomination in My Little Pony whose main purpose is to be RANDOMLOLOLOL and only do something useful when the plot requires, but instead he feels more like a competent guy who is also crazy.


Best thing about the episode was that it included a hope that I’ll see Zuko soon.


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