Korra s2 ep4

Book Two : Spirits, Chapter Four : Civil Wars, part 2

Korra’s father, who was arrested in the previous episode, is found guilty and sentenced to prison. Korra, however, finds out that the trial was rigged by the uncle, who also arranged Korra’s father’s banishment in the past to get power. Korra and her friends bust her father out of a ship taking him to North to serve is sentence, and the father sends Korra to get help in the civil war. When they leave, Bolin’s crazy girlfriend is show chasing them in rage. Meanwhile at Tenzin’s, the missing daughter is found and the families reconcile.


Alright, we’re going in a good direction, I’m moderately interested even in the main conflict (and not just Tenzin’s business). Korra’s parents are still boring as ever (generic nice guy and nonexistant supporting mother), and the uncle is -surprise surprise- obviously evil. Whoa, totally didn’t see that coming! I really thought he’d be the good guy! Whoaaa! I predict that once Korra shows that the uncle isn’t working to unite the tribes and that he’s just a power-hungry jerk, everyone will just stop fighting and everything will be alright! However, Korra has risen out of the “I hate this character, I don’t want to see her again” level to the “ummm I don’t really care about this” level.

But the reason for me to have any interest in the civil war is the businessman guy. In the first episode I kind of hated him, I felt the comedy related to him was forced, and to be fair I thought he was just a comic relief and not an important character at all. But now that he’s actually doing something I’m more open to his antics, and I found some of the jokes around him genuinely funny. And I think I really like his voice actor.


Also, I think that for the first time in this season, I was interested in the action sequence. It probably had a lot to do with Asami and the businessman guy whose name escapes me, but Korra and friends pushing the enemy ships out of the way while flying on a plane was pretty fun to watch.

We still see very little of Asami’s plot about struggling with her company, but at least she’s on screen. Umm great?

I really don’t like how AGAIN Korra succeeds by being reckless and violent. The last season was a perfect setup for her having to learn that you can’t solve every problem by punching and hitting things, but in the end she never needed any diplomacy and “won” conveniently because Amon was a fraud etc. In this season, we have her faced with a spirit portal she can’t open. Her first solution? Punch it, obviously. When that doesn’t work, does she have to work for a spiritual connection or whatever? Nope, the portal just happens to open when she touches it when she’s in the Avatar state. And now in this episode she promises her father she won’t do anything rash. I was unusually intrigued considering it’s about Korra’s character; will we finally get to see her realise that she can’t punch her way through everything? Nope, she frees the prisoners by force. And when she is angry at her father’s sentence, what does she do? Attack the judge and threaten to feed him to her pet. Sure was convenient for her that the trial was rigged, it would be horrible if Korra had to deal with attacking an innocent person!

korraDiplomacyBolin still continues to be the joke. He’s too stupid that he can’t even bribe people properly! He’s so stupid he interrupts the trial with his stupid comments! And I kind of hate how the other characters treat his relationship with… whatshername, Eska. They don’t even bat an eye when he’s being forced into a marriage! Geez, what jerks.

However, in the defense of Bolin and Eska’s relationship (from a storytelling point of view, as a relationship I don’t think there’s anything that should be defended), I have to say that even if I’m getting pretty bored with the whole “Eska is being possessive and abusive in a creepy way, Bolin is mistreated horribly and nobody cares about it” thing, at least it’s moving somewhere. As in, in the first two episodes we have Bolin’s initial attraction and then a revelation how possessive Eska is, in episode three we already have Bolin wanting to get out of the relationship, and now he’s being forced into a marriage, manages to escape, and then we end with a furious Eska following him. Every episode has given something new, so it’s not only about Eska saying something horrible in a creepy monotone and Bolin suffering.

Then to Tenzin and company. His side was surprisingly uninteresting this time. Not to say it was bad, it was still my favourite part of the episode, but just not as good as what we were shown previously. Ikki spouting lines about how being part of a family is difficult and them calling the flying bisons their siblings… it was just so cheesy and somehow… underestimating the viewer. Surely there are less in-your-face methods to show that a character is feeling bad about having a row with their family than having them go “The nice part of a family is that they’ll always be there for you!!!” “Even if the [flying bison siblings] fight, they still love each other!!!“. “Being part of a family is hard, huh Daddy?” OMG, this is such a subtle parallel between Tenzin’s kids fighting and Tenzin having issues with his siblings! Whoaaaa!


However, then we got Bumi talking about being a non-bender and how he still tried to make his father proud to Aang’s statue. Now that was great, more of this please! I hope the plot thread about Aang not being the best daddy out there isn’t forgotten now that the siblings have made up.

The family picture at the end was so uh-mayzing that it would’ve been worth watching an entire episode of Korra whining and complaining just the get the three seconds where it was in.



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