Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2 was an unusual movie experience to me, since I’m used to going to the movies during midday (when the tickets are cheaper), and I usually don’t manage to get there until the film has been running for a while, so the theatres are always pretty empty when I’m there. But this time the film was apparently new enough and I guess in summer people have more time to go to the during daytime and not in the evening, so there were like more than 30 spectators.

Review contains some spoilers. Images taken from google.

Despicable Me 2 continues where the first instalment left; the now-reformed villain Gru is taking care of the three little girls he adopted. Suddenly he is kidnapped by an Anti-Villain League agent Lucy Wilde. The Anti-Villain League is trying to get back a dangerous chemical that was stolen, and they’re hoping that Gru, being an ex-villain, could be useful to them. For the assignment Gru is paired with Lucy, and at the same time the girls and Gru’s neighbours are hoping for Gru to get a girlfriend. Dun dun dunnn, where could this be going?

What I didn’t like was how the movie introduced concepts but didn’t use them in any way. What happened to the bakery shop Gru and Lucy were supposed to use as their HQ? And what about Margo falling for the villain’s son? Wouldn’t you think that was somehow important? Is the son in the evil plan? Will he abuse the relationship to spy Gru? Will Gru and Margo have a fallout because of their different views of him? Will he first act villainous but have a change of heart and join the good guys in the end? What will he do when his dad is defeated? But no, the only thing he brings to the plot other than giving Margo her own little subplot is getting Gru to the salsa party thing when he invites Margo there, but it’s not like it couldn’t have been accomplished by just any guy who wanted to take Margo to the said party and Gru had to comply. But since it wasn’t just a random guy and it was revealed that Margo is dating the villain’s son I thought the family relation would be somehow relevant.


The moral of the story was slightly uncomfortable, because I’m getting the message that the family wouldn’t be happy enough/complete unless there is a mother in the picture. Gru was a very caring and supportive parent already, why can’t that be enough? I’m pretty sure there are tons of happy families where there is no mother for one reason or the other. Aaaaand according to the first movie, they had Gru’s mother in their lives too, but she was very conveniently written out of the plot this time so she won’t interfere with the “now that Gru married Lucy there is finally a mother in the family!!!” moral.

Also, too much Agnes and not enough Edith, Agnes’s one-note innocent-and-cute shtick bored me pretty fast. Margo’s subplot was pretty boring too and I’m sure it could have been removed completely without harming the plot much.

For the last complaint, Lucy’s actions, or lack of them in the finale were a bit depressing. She was a trained agent, couldn’t she have done something? Sure, it’s Gru’s movie so no problem with him getting to be the hero and save her, but after that? Couldn’t she have ensured them a safe landing at least? Now the Gru’s last minute love confession turned out to be a bit underwhelming when they landed safely for no explained reason.

But that’s enough complaining, overall I did enjoy the movie (but it’s just so much easier to nitpick about the stuff I didn’t like). Even though I liked Gru better as a villain his new role as a loving dad was fun too. Lucy was ok, not too big a fan but she’ll get the default points for not being a generic prettyface boring innocent female. And I loved El Macho’s overblown machoness.


The romantic resolution being Gru asking Lucy on a date instead of confessing his love after a knowing her only for a couple of days and the wedding at the end taking place over a hundred dates later was a nice touch, we’ve seen enough Disney movies where the couple falls in love in three days at maximum. Sure, it was quite an easy solution to just slap “147 dates later” on the screen instead of actually showing them really fall in love, but it surely is still better than the usual insta-romances. And not being into romantic stories I’m actually quite pleased for not seeing the dating part.

Surprisingly, I ended up enjoying the minions. Usually characters like that annoy me to no end, and since they were featured so prominently they would have had a great chance to ruin the whole film, but luckily things didn’t turn out that way. Also, the fuller-than-usual theatre probably helped;  the excitement from the rest of the audience was contagious. Their antics at the end credits still don’t amuse me though, but those are fortunately easy to skip.

To conclude the review I must say that I loved the chicken and its name sounded super cute. I’m a sucker for round animals like that.



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