Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift

There has been an unpleasantly long break with the updates, but hopefully I can get the pace a bit faster than one post a month. But now without further ado to complaining about Ice Age 4!

Now that my library got the DVD I’ve finally seen this one.

I liked the first Ice Age, but the two sequels have been downhill and this one was quite a snorefest as well. Plot goes as follows: Manny the mammoth is living with his friends and family (or ‘herd’). He has issues with his teenage daughter, Peaches, who thinks he is being annoyingly overprotective of her. They have a row on the subject, but suddenly a continental break up separates Manny and his merry friends from his family. Now Manny and company have to sail on an ice raft to get back, but unfortunately the pirates they run into have other plans for them.

The movie had far too many plot threads and I can’t say I was interested in any of them. Okay, Manny and Peaches’ relationship was the core of the movie (?), but then we also get Peaches trying to be cool enough to hang out with the other teenage mammoths, her uncool friend trying to impress her, Diego the sabre tooth tiger’s token romance, Sid the sloth trying to not be useless, Scrat the squirrel’s never-ending quest to get his beloved acorn, and then there was all the stuff with the pirates. AND Sid’s annoying grandmother with her mysterious pet, and Manny’s family trekking to find a safe place in the midst of the continental drift, and… probably something else too. Everything felt like there was a checklist of giving every character something to do than a cohesive movie. Though not everyone had their own subplot, Ellie and her opossum “brothers” had very little character. Ellie’s role was mostly ‘the sensible woman’ and a bit of ‘damsel in distress’ at the end, and the opossums had what, one joke? Not giving even more characters their own plot lines is probably a good thing in this movie, but now they feel extremely shallow and boring. Do we really have to drag every character from all the previous films in the series with us if they’re only there to fill space?

I wasn’t a fan of Scrat and his acorn adventures in the first film, and now seeing it for the fourth time was even more boring than on the three first times.

Sid continues to be as obnoxious as ever, I don’t get how characters like that are apparently popular enough to continuously appear in animations. And I tend to hate character arcs where the obnoxious character is sad for being treated badly because of their obnoxiousness, and when they do something useful for once everyone is all sorry and accepting; they always have the character being annoying for 3/4 of the story anyway, and the manipulative sob story and one moment of not-obnoxiousness are unlikely to get me like the character. I didn’t even get why Sid should have been given that much glory for his actions in the finale, I thought it was the granny who did 90% of the work. But at that point I was concentrating more on my laptop than the movie so it’s possible I missed something important.


Also, my viewing experience suffered from one thing that’s not exactly even the movie’s fault. Before seeing Ice Age 4 I had seen Hotel Transylvania. Its main character was an overprotective father who had problems with his teenage daughter who would like to try out new things. Then I saw the Croods, whose main character also was an overprotective father who had problems with his teenage daughter who would like to try out new things. And now, Ice Age 4 presents us with Manny, who is, surprise surprise, was an overprotective father who had problems with his teenage daughter who would like to try out new things. How many times do I have to see the same story!? Dad has conservative values and forbids the girl to do what she wants, things go bad, daddy learns to let his little girl grow up and everyone is happy. Sure, Ice Age 4 came out before the other two movies and it’s not exactly its fault that I watched the films in a different order, but sheesh!


Liked the other two films a lot more.


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