Korra s3 ep 1-3

July 11, 2014

Kyaah! I had two weeks to write about the first three episodes of the new Korra season before new ones would come, and so far no results. I must step up my game or soon I’ll have five episodes waiting.

Anyway, in the third season the Republic City is plagued by spirits which Korra allowed to enter the real world at the end of the previous season. The spiritual mess has also caused new airbenders to pop up around the world, and Korra and company decide to go to gather them to resurrect the airbending culture. Meanwhile, four dangerous criminals who want Korra dead for their nefarious purposes escape jail.


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Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings

June 8, 2014

I needed background noise for drawing and decided to rewatch some movie I already knew well enough that it wouldn’t be too distracting. But by chance I ended up watching a Tinker Bell movie instead, and despite not having seen it before it still wasn’t distracting at all because it was so boring that there was little reason to pay attention to it.


Anyway, the story is about Tinker Bell the fairy who notices that her wings start to glow when she enters the winter area of the fairy realm. Despite the laws strictly forbidding warm fairies and winter fairies from crossing the border and hanging out with each other Tinker Bell goes to the winter area anyway in order to find out what made her wings glow. There she discovers that she has a winter fairy twin sister called Periwinkle, and the new-found sisters are excited to spend time with each other. But unsurprisingly things go wrong when Tinker Bell despite the rules invites Periwinkle to see her home.

Pics from Disney Screencaps. Review contains spoilers.

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A year in the life of a blog

May 25, 2014

The first anniversary of the blog came and went in May 19th. Or to be fair the blog was created way back in 2009, but May 19, 2013 was the first day I actually uploaded something, so that shall be the birthday. It was my plan to put out some data from the statistics, and here it is, even if it’s a bit late.

Analysing the data is a bit difficult since I assume some 90% of the visits are by spam bots, but let’s assume that the real visits by real people in the same ratio as all visits combined rather than assuming that spam bots favour specific posts.


Lot of numbers coming up! …I find them very interesting!

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Mother appreciation post

May 11, 2014

I wanted to make a compilation post of mothers in animated films I’ve seen for Mother’s day, but that approached far sooner than I expected so I had to throw this together faster than I would have wanted. And there was way more of them than I could expect, so at some point I had to start dropping them because the post was long enough already. Maybe I should start the Father’s day post now and just schedule it to avoid a similar situation?

Looooong, mostly pictures list under cut.

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Kids appreciation post

May 5, 2014

This post has no real purpose, it’s just a listing of animated kids in films I’ve seen. The requirements for getting into this post are that the character must be shown as a younger version of themselves  in a prologue or flashback or something  and be from a western animation I know (duh). No characters who are just kids all the movie but don’t flashback to their even younger years, there would be far too many of those.

I thought I’d want to upload this on the international Children’s Day, but it turned out that it’s in November, and I’m not waiting that long. So, I scheduled it to the nearest Children’s Day I knew instead, which was the Japanese one.

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Madoka movie 3

April 15, 2014

Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie : Rebellion to be more precise.

Originally I wasn’t supposed to write about anime on this blog, but I do have some 30 non-anime posts by now so I guess every now and then shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyway, to the Madoka movie. The whole movie and the 12 episode anime series it’s based on thrive on dramatic twists and surprise reveals, and this review will contain spoilers on both. You have been warned.


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The LEGO movie

April 14, 2014

I ended up seeing the Lego Movie. The trailers seemed incredibly dumb and I was sure I would be skipping this one, but it seemed to be getting a lot of good reviews, so I decided to watch it anyway. And that ended up being a pretty good decision.

Pics from Google. Review contains spoilers.

The story premise isn’t exactly the most original thing ever. Our hero is a particularly unremarkable and incredibly generic Lego guy Emmet who enjoys living his life following rules in a city ruled by an evil bad guy who has an evil master plan. Emmet ends up accidentally obtaining the crucial item for preventing the evil plan, and is thus expected to be the hero of a prophecy (“The Special”). Unfortunately for everyone, Emmet has no idea how to be a hero.


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April 13, 2014

Man I have like 18 drafts and every time I decide that now I’ll go and finish one of them I end up creating a new draft on a completely different subject. I’ve had to move this text from post to post and increase the number by one far too many times…

This post has been pretty difficult to write, since it’s been sitting in my drafts since December, and during that time my opinions have wildly varied from “BEST MOVIE EVER!” to “this thing actually has a ton of flaws“, and now I should write a somewhat coherent result out of that. Plus everything has probably been said on other blogs already, but there’s not much I can do about that.

But anyway, Frozen, which should be called Snow Queen, tells the story of princesses Anna and Elsa. The older sister Elsa has had ice powers ever since she was a child, and the sisters enjoyed the snowy games the powers made possible. One day Anna was accidentally hit with ice, and to heal it her memories of Elsa’s powers had to be taken away. The accident made Elsa fear her powers and withdraw to solitude to avoid hurting anyone, while Anna was confused about why her sister closed her off from her life. Then the parents die, and Elsa must become the queen when she reaches majority. The coronation doesn’t go as planned, because the conflict about Anna wanting to marry a guy she just met causes Elsa to reveal her powers, run away and accidentally freeze the whole town. Anna decides to go after her to convince her to unfreeze everything.


Review contains spoilers. Picture from Disney Screencaps.

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Sofia the First : the Floating Palace

January 12, 2014

As much as I don’t enjoy Sofia the First, at least the episodes have the virtue of being short. But the mermaid princesses haven’t appeared in any other episodes yet as far as I know, so I had no chance but to watch this episode even if it was twice as long to acquire them in my princess collection.

Princess Sofia and her royal family are on a summer vacation in their “Floating palace”. Sofia inquires if there are mermaids around, but everyone says they’re just fairytales. Surprise surprise, Sofia meets and befriends a mermaid princess anyway. However, their friendship is in danger, because the merpeople thing that HYOOMANZ R EVIL, and the boat Sofia’s family has parked above their cove angers them. The mermaid princess gets captured by a sea monster, and the merpeople accuse the humans of this. Now Sofia must get her friend back before the mermaid queen sinks her family’s ship with a magical storm.


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Sofia the First : the Pain Continues

January 10, 2014

I sat through Sofia the First : Once Upon a Princess, because I “collect” princesses from Western animated movies by drawing them, and I heard Sofia’s movie would give me two of them. The experience was very unpleasant, but at least I got my princesses.

Now I’ve ended up in a situation where I’ve used up the most obvious princesses, and searching for more has become more difficult. Then during a walk through the Disney Wiki I noticed that Sofia’s two princess friends had pretty good reference art, which begged to be drawn, and that there were plenty of other named princess characters. Since my policy is that I won’t draw a character who I don’t know, what I predicted in the last post came true and the only solution was watching more of Sofia’s adventures. Luckily the Wiki was with me, so I could check a couple of episodes that would feature various side characters and thus keep the required amount of episodes to a minimum.

My Sofia experience wasn’t any better this time, but at least I knew what was coming. Episodes I watched were “The Shy Princess“, “The Princess Test” and “Tri-Kingdom Picnic“. I also watched “Sofia the First : the Floating Palace” for the mermaid princesses, but being a longer story it probably deserves its own post. For those unfamiliar with Sofia, she’s a little girl who became a princess when her mom married a king, and now she’s studying at a princess school with her stepsiblings to become a good princess.

Pictures from the Disney Wiki.

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